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Parenting - Raising Successful & Resilient Kids

We all want our children to become successful and fulfilled as they make their way through life. Whether your child is a baby, a teen or in between, this workshop will give you an understanding of the factors that provide that path for success and tools to help you help your children transform life's challenges into opportunities for growth. You will learn about motivation, mindset, how to give praise/feedback, fostering independent thinking, conveying values, handling failure, parenting styles and more.

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Managing Work Stress

 Are you having a hard time dealing with stress at work? Have the challenges on the job become so overwhelming that they lead too often to being exhausted, anxious, losing enthusiasm, losing sleep, feeling frustrated and burned out? Do you want to feel more energized, enthusiastic and happy at work? You are not alone! Job stress is at the top of the list for many Americans. Learning to manage the different aspects of work stress, from interaction with others to setting up daily coping strategies for yourself, can help you feel better while you are on the job and in the other parts of your life too. This workshop will help you identify and clarify those sources of job stress as well as provide you with easy tools to deal with the most common types of job stressors. 

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Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

Caregivers usually put their full heart and energy into caring for those they love, whether it is due to a loved one's illness or prolonged diminished capacity. In the process, caregivers become stuck in the caregiving role and forget to take care of themselves. They risk burnout and compassion fatigue. Self care is essential to the survival and benefit of both the caregiver and the loved one. This workshop will provide tools for the caregiver to practice self care, address the challenges and mindset of caregiving, become more resilient and resourceful in gathering strength and support and avoid caregiver burnout.

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